Knowing the clinical manifestations, preferred test, and optimal management of chronic granulomatous disease (CGD) is critical to helping your patients with CGD. Below are resources to help you in your diagnosis of CGD and testing for CGD with the Dihydrorhodamine (DHR) Collection Kit.

Guide to CGD icon

Guide to CGD

Download for additional information about clinical manifestations, testing, and management of CGD.

X-Linked Carriers Brochure icon

X-Linked Carriers Brochure

Resource explaining the importance of
identification, testing, and monitoring of X-linked
carriers of CGD.

Patient Acquisition Form icon

Patient Acquisition Form

This form must be completed by the requesting
healthcare professional and included with the DHR
Collection Kit for processing. It must accompany
the vials when shipped for processing.

DHR Collection Kit Patient Instruction Form icon

DHR Collection Kit Patient
Instruction Form

Reference for patients to make sure they understand to bring a healthy, nonrelated donor for testing and other important points to remember.

Quest Diagnostics Lab Directive icon

Quest Diagnostics Lab Directive

Includes order-management instructions, collection and processing requirements, and specimen packaging and shipping information.

These resources may be downloaded upon viewing.

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